Eurodesk Competence Framework

Eurodesk has recently adopted a “Competence Framework of Eurodesk Mobility Advisors” that provides a common framework about the key competences involved in such as role. The term has been coined to give a common name and recognition to all different formats of delivering the ‘core business’ of Eurodesk – namely, providing information about mobility opportunities to young people all over Europe.


To focus on competencies is about questioning how people go about having the work done and considering the behaviours an individual demonstrates. The Framework has been developed in a bottom-up process: from the identified behaviours to competencies, and from competencies to competence clusters. The current framework contains 12 competencies, grouped into 3 competence area. Each competence contains a short definition and a list of behavioural indicators.


After a period of consultations and feedback, the Competence Framework has been finalised and will serve as a basis for the development of tools for its implementation. The framework aims to support the Eurodesk training and development plan and the overall quality of the network while giving greater visibility and recognition to the work of Eurodesk youth information workers. It is flexible enough to be used in diverse national Eurodesk realities.


Together with the Competence Framework, a practical manual and training tools will reinforce the clarity of the role, and the recognition and the identity of Eurodesk mobility advisors.

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