Call for the trainers: On/Off or Online and Offline tools in youthwork

21 októbra 2022

NIVAM - National Institute of Education and Youth, National Agency Erasmus+ for youth and sports is looking for two trainers who will prepare, implement and evaluate the training called „On/Off or Online and Offline tools in youthwork“.

ON/OFF is a training course focused on various tools one can use for educational, informational, promotional or presentation purposes. Training course will teach about different tools, their functionality, usage and also about synergies between different online tools and even between online and offline environment. Second part of the training is focused on digital youthwork and usage of gamification in online and offline environments.

Aims & objectives:

  •         Show different online tools and their functionality (tools like Kahoot, Mentimeter, Prezi, Google Suite, Canva, Adobe Expres (prewiously Spark), Videoscribe, Miro and lot more.
  •         Show synergies and crossfunctionality of various tools, how to use them together, how they can replace or support each other and how it can be used to empower and strenghten teaching and youthwork
  •         Introduce gamification and concept of „online escape rooms“ and various ways how to use it in youthwork, education, etc.
  •         Learn about digital youthwork in general and understand what is its purpose in todays world, what are basic methods and why it is important


Participants’ profile:

  • Youth workers, social workers, project managers, teachers
  • Participants should be motivated to work in digital environment, should be open to digital youthwork, want to learn how to make work more effective or attractive with the use of digital tools, want to network with other organization who use digital tools.

Date and Venue


Date: 3.-6.11.2022


Application procedure & deadline

  • Interested candidates should fill-in the application form in English and send it to until the 28th October 2022.

For more information, please contact:

Adam Laták:, +421 908 678 813

You can find more information also here: Call for trainers for the training On/Off 2022

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